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Lt Vijay Partap Singh
20 Oct 1949 to 14 Dec 1971
He was commissioned in 5/5 GR laid down his life while serving gallantry for the Motherland in Eastern Sector in Dec 1971 at the age of 22.
Lt Navneet Swaraj
08 Sep 1951 to 14 Dec 1971
School No. C/57. He was passing out from School in Dec 1966.He was commissioned in 39 Medium Dec 70 and during Indo-Pak war of 1971, he at the age of 20, laid his life in Chhamb Sector.
Maj Teja Singh Bedi , SM
Sep 1949 to Jan 1981
School no. K/67. Passed out from school in Dec 66 and was commissioned into 11 Gorkha Rifles in Dec 1970.He was decorated with Sena Medal for gallantry into Indo-Pak war. Unfortunately he died in accident in 1981.
Lt Ram Prakash Roperia (Ashok Chakra)
09 Jun 1959 to 09 Jun 1984
School No. P/990.Passed out from school in 76 and was commissioned in Dec 81. He was decorated posthumously with Ashok Chakra for his valiant service during Operation Blue Star.
Maj Rajiv Kumar Joon , AC, SC
26 Sep1970 to 16 Sep 1994
School No. K/2231.Passed out from school in July 1987 and was commissioned in 1991.He has the distinction of having been awarded two gallantry awards .He was awarded with the Shaurya Chakra and Ashok Chakra (posthumously)while fighting with the terrorists in J & K.
Maj Mahinder Jeet Singh Dahiya ,SM
15 July 1963 to 29 Jan 1995
School No. T/1415.Passed out in 1981 and was commissioned into 18 Madras Regt in Dec 1985.He laid down his life during Operation Rakshak while fighting with the terrorist in J & K .He was awarded with Sena Medal.
Maj Sajjan Singh Gahlawat
08 Jun 1966 to 23 Oct 1997
School No. T/1680.Passed out from school in April 1983 and was commissioned into 9 Madras Regt on 11 Jun 1988.He laid down his life during Operation Rakshak while gallantry fighting with the insurgents in J & K sector on 23 Oct 1997.
Maj Neeraj Malik
26 June 1961 to 20 April 1998
School No. C/1220.Passed out from school in 1978 and was commissioned into 311 Mountain Brigade. He laid his life while fighting with the insurgents in Nagaland during Counter Insurgency Operation .The entire nation and Kunjeyans in particular are proud of his supreme sacrifice.
Maj Rajiv Kumar Dahiya , SC, SM
13 Sep 1971 to 30 Sep 2002
Commissioned in Sikh Regt, was posted to 16 RR .He was awarded SC for displaying conspicuous bravery in Poonch Sector in Jan 2002 .He laid down his life for the Nation while fighting with terrorists in Northern Sector. He was awarded SM (posthumous) on Republic Day 2004.
Maj Lalit Kumar ,SM
27 Sep 1975 to 04 Dec 2004
School No. K/2801. Passed out from school in 1993 and was commissioned into 19 Mahar Regt on 4 Sep 1999. He laid down his life while serving his motherland during CI OPS on 4 Dec 2004. He was awarded Sena Medal (posthumously).