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The Old Boys Day will be celebrated in the School on the FOURTH SUNDAY OF NOVEMBER .. THAT IS 24 NOV 2019

Dear Kunjeyans,

The Old Boys Day will be celebrated in the School on the FOURTH SUNDAY OF NOVEMBER.. THAT IS 24th NOV 2019.

All Kunjeyans are requested to join the celebration of the OBD with their families. Let's make an effort to rekindle our childhood and Adolescent part of life. Let's meet old friends and the staff in our Prangan. Let's make our teachers feel proud and honoured. Please attend

The day has been changed bcoz 3rd Sunday is NDA Exam. Also considering that on the Old Boys Day we have large number of activities, so by evening the Entertainment programme and ""At Home Tea"" at Principals Residence gets cramped bcoz of OBA DINNER. Also large number of us are in a hurry thereafter for Monday Morning, so only a small number finds it convenient to attends the Dinner. There is always a wastage.

The Executive body of OBA deliberated on these and its proposed that Dinner can be held on 23rd Evening. The Sat evening. On Sunday we break off after the Tea at Principals house. Those who come from distance can stay in Karnal after Dinner. We can engage some good Property in Karnal on reasonable rates.
We also propose that as an honour to the Silver and Golden Jubilee batches they and their families are also invited as guests at Dinner. This will take away the effort being put in by batches in trying to organize the Dinner. Instead of them celebrating their Dinner Parties in Hotels they CAN Celebrate their togetherness at this Venue itself. IT WILL SAVE THEM LOT OF EFFORTS. Enjoy their stories and drinks dance and dinner.
We want to formalize even their celebrations in the School with a common Programme on Saturday. Where the School organizes their Return to Home. It has to b formalized and made uniform for all before it's too late.
If the batch wants to donate something to the School or OBA they are free. They can arrange their living anywhere they want Or even that can be organized. We can take the advantage of economy of scale and have everything in one hotel. a long term corporate rates can be settled. Before we take final call we request for your personal views. Remember only 12 percent Kunjeyans are members of the OBA. Though suggestions are welcome from all but do mention OBA (M) or (NM) You could send your views to the President. Senior Vice Presidents. VPs. Self. Sec publicity ( Surender ) or to Sudhir. Web site

Rajesh Sangwan
Sacy & Cashier OBA